SINGLE GIRL DINNER started as the Twitter account @singlegirldin in September 2011 when I began tweeting about the quirky meals I had alone and marked them with the hashtag #singlegirldinner. I guess I wasn't the only one eating cereal for dinner--other girls (and guys, for that matter) started joining in the conversation.

It dawned on me that this little phenomenon wasn't about food. And it wasn't about a relationship status. It was about taking ownership of your independence.

Stereotypically speaking, a "single girl dinner" is having a slice of chocolate cake and red wine at 10 p.m. But this whole notion of having your cake and eating it too is a symbol for so much more: It could be dining at the bar by yourself, going out with your girlfriends, working out at the gym, getting a mani pedi, or even indulging in a sit-down breakfast before work. Whatever it is, embrace every single moment.

It's nice to know, though, that when you're alone, you're not really alone. Hope to connect with you through sharing my musings, favorite places, favorite dishes, recipes, and miscellaneous pearls of wisdom on this website.

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