The Thing About Tuesday Night Dates

I recently attended a political fundraiser and overheard a conversation between two people as I reached over to pluck a few cheddar cubes from the mediocre cheese plate.

Girl: "Dating in New York is tiring." 

Guy: "Tell me about it. I've had a date each day this week. And we all know what Tuesday night dates are about." 

I couldn't help but chime in and ask what he meant by that.

"Oh, you know, Tuesdays nights are for hookups," he replied, "It's, like, where you grab a bite to eat but don't linger at the restaurant because... You know."

"I had no idea that the days of the week had that sort of significance attached to them in the dating world," I said, nibbling on the cheese.

"Yeah," he said, popping an olive into his mouth, "There's too much pressure when it comes to weekend dates." 

Well. There you go.