The Myth of the Eternal 24-Inch Waist

Once upon a time, I had a 24-inch waist. It remained that way for years throughout my twenties. A burger and a side of fries couldn't put a dent in my flat stomach. F you, carbs!!! Heh, heh, heh! "Just wait," my older girlfriends would say. I brushed off their warning and considered myself one of those blessed ones with high metabolism and good genes.

To seal the deal and ensure that I would never allow my waistline to grow beyond this most ideal measurement, I had all of my Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, and Chanel clothing specially tailored to my skinny-minnie figure. These beautiful clothes were practically sewn onto my body. I wanted to be able to wear them forever, thinking they'd seal in my figure for good. 

Then, I turned 29.

I guess your metabolism does slow down. Even I, who foolishly believed that I was invincible to this fact of life, could not escape it. After being lazy about working out for three months, I found myself with fifteen extra pounds on my hands, or, more accurately: on my cheeks, tummy, hips, and thighs. Disastrous reality. It was a new me, alright. So new that I needed an entirely new wardrobe to match. Nothing zipped up.

Those three months off the track equated to nearly a year of blood, sweat, and tears in the gym. I've lost ten pounds and, as I enter my thirties, I'm now between a 25- and 26-inch waist. Those last five pounds will be the death of me, I tell you!

I learned that nothing lasts forever. Whatever became of those clothes? I certainly didn't account for the fact that my sense of style has changed. As for the 24-inch waist? Who knows, maybe I'll get there again. 




The Duality of an SGD Life

"I have spinach smoothies for breakfast, I only eat salads for lunch, and then, for dinner, I'll go to town on, like, pork belly," said a girlfriend of mine, ironically, over a shared plate of sizzling sisig at Pig and Khao, "It's all about balance." I nodded in agreement while crunching on the last pork rind from our appetizer of chicharrones.

We went on to discuss the ups and downs and yins and yangs of an SGD lifestyle. We work hard and gym hard. We'll buy fabulous shoes during the day and eat cereal in bed at night. We're game to try crazy diets yet not afraid to indulge in a meal of fried chicken. We've developed a refined palate but can also enjoy Doritos. We're somewhat of a conundrum even to ourselves.

It's hard to find a food blog that we can relate to. Sure, there are plenty of ones with gorgeous photos and interesting recipes, but I'm not an aspiring domestic diva, a heath nut, a dive junkie, or an ambitious home-cook. I'm a complex creature. I'm looking for a conversation about food that's not only about food. Less Food Network and more Sex and the City-meets-Nigella Lawson, with a dash of Parker Posey and a sprinkle of je ne sais quois. Are those shoes too big to fill? It's a dream pair of shoes for SGD to grow into.

Carrie Bradshaw once famously said: "When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more." Let's be real, it might not be the main course, but when it comes to #singlegirldinners, there are times when reading Vogue definitely makes the meal.

Equinox - SoHo


69 Prince Street at Crosby Street

Equinox-SoHo's atmosphere is more boutique-y than other locations and feel more like a well-kept spa than a gym. Cold eucalyptus towel after your workout? Yes, please! ...Ooh! There's Kiehl's products in the locker room, too! If I had to admit to one hang-up, though, maybe it's that some of the classes get really full, but that's only because they're such great classes, taught by instructors who really know what they're doing. A few of my favorites include: Barre Burn, ViPR, Kettlebell Cardio, Monster Cycle, and Purgatory Bootcamp. After you're done, pop down to Juice Generation on the street level for a fresh smoothie!