Satdha Plant-Based Thai Kitchen

2218 Lincoln Boulevard

One thing I've noticed about L.A. is how prevalent Thai restaurants are. I swear, I see Thai restaurants everywhere! That being said, one of my favorite Thai restaurants also happens to be vegan: Satdha Plant-Based Thai Kitchen, which is located on the edge of Santa Monica and Venice Beach. The food here is vibrant and expertly spiced yet also very clean and healthy-tasting. For such a casual place, the presentation is elegant and considered. My go-to dishes are the kukicha (twig tea), kale chips, tom yum soup with mushrooms, and pad thai with tofu, which is garnished with fresh garlic chives. 

The Cottontail and the Speed Demon

Before we put our helmets on, he said: "I've been doing this since I was eighteen, so don't be scared. And don't hold on too tight."

Don't be scared? I'm a natural-born scaredy cat. Have been as long as I can remember. In fact, my sister made me take an animal personality test and I came up as a cottontail. A cottontail's instinct is to run at the first sign of danger and, here I was, about to zoom up the Pacific Coast Highway on the back of a Ducati with a speed demon. 

Vroom! Vroom!

Off we went, zig-zagging through cars and up the curvy, winding pavement of the mountains. With every vroom, my heart leapt–not with fear, but with a sense of thrill! My arms were loosely wrapped around his body like a backpack, moving along with every sway and turn. Every so often, he'd give my leg a reassuring pat.

I was surprised at myself. Not once did I squeeze him tight or freak out. Boy, when you can trust someone, like, literally trust them with you life, it feels so, so liberating. After a six-hour, death-defying journey, we made it back to Venice Beach in one piece. Taking off my helmet, I asked earnestly: "Can we do it again sometime?"