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I'm embarrassed to admit that, although I grew up in Texas–the birthplace of Tex-Mex cuisine–chilaquiles was a dish unknown to me until I lived in New York and my friend Hitha told me about it. I rarely see it on brunch menus but, then again, I also rarely go to Tex-Mex restaurants for brunch. I did, however, discover them on the menu at Manuela in DTLA, whose chef has a Texan background. 

Chilaquiles are sort of that fabulous thing you didn't know you wanted until you order it. Then, you're like, "Oh yeah... I totally wanted tortilla chips sautéed in spicy salsa with cheese and a fried egg on top!" It's also a great brunch dish to make at home after a party the night before, when you have plenty of leftover tortilla chips on your hands and a hangover to cure!