Not Your Average Girl

I don't have "mermaid waves" in my hair. I don't wear chambray shirts with fuschia lipstick and chunky, colorful costume jewelry. I don't have a wall in my home with a picture frame collage. I don't have any DIY talents under my belt. I don't have any ambition to rule the world or become CEO of a company or sit on a board or start my own non-profit organization–nor do I keep quotes about "success" as a motivational tool. I think Valentine's Day is a farce. I don't have any pictures of myself jumping in the air, or wearing a bikini in a line-up with ten other girls in bikinis, for that matter. I've never caught Bieber Fever and I don't know the lyrics to any of Taylor Swift's songs. I haven't quite mastered baking desserts, although I'd like to. I believe in female empowerment, but not necessarily in that Sheryl Sandberg-Lean In-Ban-Bossy kind of way. More than that, I believe in being yourself. 

The internet, it seems, is producing a wave of homogenized millenial females and I feel like a square peg. Who's with me on this?