Pumpkin Pie

Sigh. I love fall, I really do. It's my absolute favorite time of the year. For me, it's September that feels like the start of a brand-new year, not January. Leaves may be drifting off of trees, but that first chill after a hot summer is something of an awakening. I pull out my sweaters from storage with glee and I go crazy at the sight of pumpkin pie at the grocery store.

A slice of pumpkin pie is the equivalent of Proust's madeleine for me–it reminds me of Thanksgiving with my family, though I can't seem to recall any one Thanksgiving specifically. It's as though all of my memories have coagulated into a creamy-smooth pumpkin custard. One taste contains many years' worth of gatherings. Oh, I can just hear the loud chattering now... And the shrieks of laughter from all of the little kids running around!

Instead of whipped cream, I prefer putting a dollop of whipped sour cream onto my pumpkin pie. Yes, you read that right–sour cream. I find that whipped cream makes it too sweet and I like pumpkin pie precisely because it's not too sweet. A latte with a sprinkle of cinnamon goes nicely with it, or you could do with a hot ginger or chai tea. 



Sour Cream Pancakes

2014-01-07 10.51.16.jpg

If you've never tried sour cream pancakes, well, you must. They are fluffy and light and wonderful. The basic concept is that the batter is primarily sour cream instead of flour, so you don't feel like you have bricks in your tummy after breakfast. 

The Pioneer Woman has a great recipe for them on her blog, which I've adapted here. I already had some pancake mix on hand, so I just used 1 cup of sour cream to 7 tablespoons of pancake mix and 2 eggs. Maybe I should try to making them from scratch one day as she does, but these turned out deliciously well too!

Mixed Berries in Cream with Orange Blossom Honey

I'm not much of a baker. When it comes to dessert, I usually leave it to the professionals and pick something out from a nice bakery. This, however, is just the kind of dessert recipe that I can easily handle--no fuss, and with just a little bit of muss.

Mixed berries
Brown sugar or agave nectar
Plain Greek yogurt
Sour cream
Orange blossom honey


1. Rinse the berries and drain. Place them in a bowl and sprinkle some brown sugar or agave nectar over them. Add a splash of water and gently fold. Set aside for about 15 minutes or so.
2. In a bowl, mix equal parts of the plain Greek yogurt and sour cream until well-blended. The quantity, of course, depends on how many berries you have.
3. Spoon the berries into a bowl or onto a plate, add a good wallop of the cream mixture on top, and splatter the honey over everything.