Anne Sax

Grønnegade 30
1107 Copenhagen K
+45 33 32 00 52

I stumbled upon an fabulous lingerie shop called Anne Sax when we were in Copenhagen over the Christmas holidays. When I peered inside the window, the shop itself was quite small but was bursting with a varied selection of silky chemises and beautiful lacy underpinnings. It was very apparent that whoever this Anne Sax was, she certainly had exquisite taste! The shop carries brands like Erès, Aubade, Andres Sarda, Cosabella, Hanro, and more. I even discovered an Italian lingerie label called Dana Pisarra that I instantly fell in love with.

Anne Sax herself was busy tending to another client when I wandered in, but I was helped by another woman named Dina who had cheery, fairy godmother-like disposition.  Dina helped me build the foundations of a lingerie wardrobe to match my minimal yet feminine aesthetic leanings: 

The whole experience definitely kickstarted a newfound love affair with lingerie. I keep these cherished treasures in silk organza pochettes with satin ribbon drawstring ties right alongside my basic, seamless Calvin Klein bikini briefs.


Violet Grey

8452 Melrose Place

I, myself, do not wear a ton of makeup on a daily basis, but I love experimenting with new products and absolutely cannot resist a beauty counter. When I was living in New York, I'd pop into Sephora on my way home from work every day out of sheer habit. At one point, a sales associate congratulated me on becoming a "VIB Rouge Member." I asked her what that meant and she said: "It means you spend a lot of money here."

When I moved to the ranch in 2013, I was immersed in the mundane of country living and felt robbed of my secret pleasures–playing with makeup being one of them–so, after a year, I mustered up the courage to tackle the four-hour drive to L.A. alone, in hopes of reconnecting with my former self. (Me, the New Yorker, who had not been behind a wheel for thirteen years!)

Enter: Violet Grey, the brilliant editorial website-cum-boutique that was hatched from the mind of its founder Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey. Inspired by Old Hollywood glamour, this beauty Mecca showcases the crème de la crème from the industry's leading makeup artists and stars, and it's located smack-dab in the middle of Melrose Place which is, in my opinion, the chicest street in all of Los Angeles.

Stepping into this tastefully curated atelier was akin to being in Coco Chanel's opulent apartment. Everything felt intensely exquisite and luxurious. Every jar and compact and tube of lipstick was displayed like jewelry. There's also a marvelous vintage Murano glass chandelier hanging from the ceiling that looks as though hundreds of white flowers are on the cusp of showering down on you.

I think I must've swanned around in the store for about two hours, trying on everything cream, mascara and lipstick within reach, and the girls there couldn't have been more welcoming. Wouldn't it be fabulous if I had a pièd-a-terre in Paris that looked like this? Thank you, Violet Grey, for the tactile fantasy.



7456 Beverly Blvd. bet. N. Vista and N. Gardner Street

Two years ago, on a short visit to L.A, my boyfriend and I had a tug-of-war on where to go for breakfast. I wanted the soft boiled egg and crispy bacon from Joan's On Third; he wanted the ricotta blueberry pancakes from BLD. No dice.

"Joan's On Third has pancakes! BLD doesn't have soft boiled eggs!" I pointed out.

"Yes, but they're not ricotta blueberry ones!"

"Keep it classic," I said, persuasively, "Can't beat classic buttermilk pancakes."

"I promise, you'll love these pancakes. They're the best pancakes in town."

"I don't like ricotta in my pancakes, though," I sighed, "OK, how about we go to Joan's on Third first for my egg and then we can go to BLD for your pancakes?"

Yeah, it was getting ridiculous.

Eventually, I gave into his insistence. We parked the car and were walking toward BLD when he stopped at a shop window and said, "You need these boots." I turned around and saw a pair of beautiful black leather riding boots. We pushed through the door. 

"Hi, can I try on these boots?" I asked the owner.

Turns out, they were Balenciaga boots, in nearly new condition, and at only a fraction of the retail price. I ended up wearing them out of the store that very day. 

What's cool about Espionage is that, not only is there a treasure trove of designer and vintage consignment items in the back, but it's filled with all sorts of great gifts at every price point. I've found unique greeting cards, delicious scented candles and even a bottle opener fashioned from a real bullet. I visited this store every time I made it to L.A. and eventually became friends with its gorgeous and charming owner Taylor. 

It's really amazing how much I got out of giving up on a soft boiled egg!




23 Howard Street bet. Crosby & Lafayette Streets

Sure, I went through vintage clothing phase. I would scour consignment shops in the East Village for vintage Jean-Paul Gaultier and scroll through eBay listings for 1950's cocktail dresses. These were my treasures and I had the comfort of knowing that no one else owned one of the same. The problem with this was that my closet was filled with one-hit wonders with no dialogue, theme, rhyme, or reason to it. It became more of a storage space for vintage clothes than a functioning wardrobe. 

So I stopped buying vintage and started buying key foundation pieces: the classic blue jean, the skinny black jean, the workhorse black blazer, the white shirtdress, the black ankle boot... And so on and so forth. You know, things that one would actually wear on a day-to-day basis???

Well, I recently discovered a fabulous boutique in SoHo called Reformation that gives you the best of both worlds. This environmentally sustainable fashion label repurposes vintage pieces and uses surplus materials to create relevant, well-designed, covetable clothing for the modern girl. I am obsessed, I tell you! Obsessed!

Here, you'll find the softest tees, perfectly cropped sweatshirts, and impeccably cut leggings. This is not some garage sale hodge-podge. We're talking on par with Alexander Wang, the creator of Model Off-Duty fashion. Have I also mentioned that they make killer jumpsuits? There's a jumpsuit for every occasion, from the uptown cocktail party to the Brooklyn rooftop BBQ.

As if you couldn't get addicted to the store enough, there's also a.... Drumroll please... Bosco machine! (It's a photo booth that makes your snapshots into shareable GIFs). Trust me, you'll want to try on everything and create your own look book. The best part about coming here, though, in my opinion, is that you'll get to meet coolest and most lovable sales staff in the history of the world. 

I just had to share... And, in a small way, I kinda wish I hadn't!





Chelsea Market



75 Ninth Avenue bet. West 15th & West 16th Streets

I enjoy walking to work in the morning. If I walk swiftly, it'll take me about 30 minutes—that's from Greenwich Village to West Chelsea. To the average stroller, I probably look like I'm power walking, but there's one part of my route that allows me to relax my stride: when I cut through Chelsea Market to get to Tenth Avenue. It's like walking through a wonderland of food. (The building also appropriately houses Food Network's headquarters.)

At most places here, you can shop and eat their offerings. I love popping into The Lobster Place for lunch: oysters on the half-shell, sushi, New England clam chowder and more. If you're looking for seafood, they carry hard-to-find treasures like calamaretti, Maine sweet shrimp, and shad roe. You can also find the biggest and best lobsters in town, which they'll steam on-site.

Across the way, there's Buon Italia where I go to stock up on Italian goodies, like little cans of Flott tuna, La Valle canned tomatoes, fresh pasta, and guanciale. For lunch, they have this really tasty prosciutto, mozzarella and basil panini that I just adore. Sounds run-of-the mill, but the bread is what makes it special. I have to remember to ask about it next time, but, anyway, there's a whole glass case of Italian specialties that have been prepared in the store's kitchen: eggplant parmigiana, fettuccine with mushrooms, and chicken Milanese, to name a few.

I've been to Chelsea Market countless times and there's still so much more to explore! Ronnybrook Dairy, Tuck Shop, and that new pasta place Rana are definitely on my list... I don't have too much time to browse in the mornings, but there's always a 5-minute window that allows me to pick up a freshly baked baguette from Amy's Bread to bring to the studio. There's nothing quite like breaking bread with your colleagues first thing in the morning.