The Possibility of an Island [Kitchen]

Cue in a dreamy film score

It's not hard to get inspired to cook in a kitchen like this. It is truly a ranch kitchen: oversized, fully stocked, and beautifully rustic. A real playground! The only thing my little shoebox of a kitchen in Greenwich Village inspired me to do was order Thai delivery via Seamless. Yep, it was one of those narrow, windowless ones that ends up never being used. Carrie Bradshaw was onto something with using her oven as wardrobe storage space.

Environment is everything for me. Here, I get plenty of sunlight and lots of space and access to a bountiful garden–and, of course, the luxury of time. (Really, who has time to cook in New York?) There's also something to say about having someone to cook for that makes you want to flex your culinary muscles a little more too. If it were just me, I'd be fine munching on a plate of green beans with a glass of wine and calling it a night.

Out here, I've been making things I'd never make for myself, including something as simple as pancakes for breakfast. I feel like a caged wild animal that has just been released into her natural habitat! I'll be posting more recipes soon, and, true to form, they're all more or less simple and easy.

I do miss tearing into the pad ped moo krob from Zabb Elee on Monday nights, though. The anticipation of the delivery guys' arrival... And eating it standing up at that dreadful Formica-topped kitchen counter. That, you can't get that in the mountains.



The Perks of Being an Asocial Butterfly

A social butterfly wears Louboutins in the evenings  (or something of the like) while an asocial butterfly slides into her bath slippers.

At work, I have an open-door policy. At home, though, it's a different story: All I want to do is shut the door and curl up under the covers. My roommate once said to me, "There's more to life than hanging out in your bedroom." While this is true, there's also a wonderful universe that exists within your bedroom:

1. You have time and wherewithal for a decent DIY mani and pedi.

2. You get to listen to Spice Girls. Or put your latest song obsession on repeat for two hours.

3. You can steal a cold beer from your roommate's stash to go with your spicy Northern Thai order from Seamless, which you'll consume from a tray on your nightstand.  

4. You can go hog-wild perched on the bathroom sink with a pair of tweezers.  

5. You have the random motivation to scour the entire Internet for those navy suede over-the-knee Jil Sander boots. 

6. You can try on a new lipstick and wear it around the apartment with your bathrobe just to see how you feel about it. While you're at it, you'll decide to curl your hair too–for no apparent reason.

7. You don't have to make small talk with anyone and instead engage in long, in-depth conversations with your inner circle via Gchat. 

8. You can Google eligible bachelors (name + "girlfriend"). 

9. You want to clean and organize everything in your room and make it look just so... Until you realize that it's 1:00 a.m. and you'll just have to get to the shoes tomorrow.

Dammit. I can only think of nine things off the top of my head. He may have a point.