Salami & Radish Baguette

Salami and radish sandwich.JPG

I like to pretend that I'm living on a quaint farm in the French countryside while I'm eating this simple and rustic sandwich. It's a welcome bite after a long morning of feeding the chickens, gathering their warm eggs, and milking the cow. Then, it's off to the boulangerie for bread. Or so I like to imagine. Amy's Bread sells mini baguettes for a mere fifty cents each. They're so adorable that I can't help but buy two or three at a time. Naturally, a softened salted butter should be lovingly slathered on one side of the bread, along with a thin schmear of Dijon mustard. (If you've never tried the butter and mustard combination, here's your chance.) Spread a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese on the other side for a touch of creaminess. Fill your sandwich with delicately folded salami and a layer of thinly sliced radish chips. Finish off the sandwich with lots of freshly snipped chives. Now, you can ring that cowbell because lunch is ready!


Crudités to the rescue!

If you're like me, your love of noshing can lead you to what goes on the dinner plate. Many a-times I'll be too tired to assemble an actual salad, so I'll just put its elements onto a plate and call it a day. Some of my favorite ingredients are: sliced cucumbers, whole grape tomatoes, green beans, feta cheese chunks, and hard salami slices. (Citterio has a great line called Pronti: pre-sliced hard salami, which makes life even easier! Perfect for snacking and picnics.) It's a pretty healthy assortment of goodies. Sometimes I take it up another notch with triple cream brie and pâté. Radishes and cornichons should also be thrown into the mix.