FitMix Studio


La Brea Location
601 N. La Brea Avenue at Clinton Street


Atwater Village Location
3104 Glendale Boulevard


A grave reality of being in my thirties: My metabolism ain't what it used to be! Something had to be done to kick my booty into gear since my usual hikes and runs just weren't cutting it, so I researched the fitness studio scene in L.A. and stumbled upon FitMix Studio. They offer two group classes: Endurance Pilates (55 minutes on their customized Pilates reformer) and The Mashup (25 minutes of high-intensity intervals on the treadmill plus 30 minutes of Endurance Pilates). The real draw for me was The Mashup because you could effectively kill two birds with one stone–cardio and total-body conditioning–in less than an hour. 

Back in the early 2000's, I took private Pilates sessions when it was still under the radar, thanks to a magazine article in which Gwyneth Paltrow swore by it. Determined to obtain Gwynnie's long and lithe figure, I found an instructor on the Upper East Side who was trained by Romana Kryzanwoska, Joseph Pilates' trusted protégé who then carried the torch for Classical Pilates onward. After my first session, my posture was noticeably improved; after three weeks, my body looked leaner and more toned. At $85 per session, though, this was not a feasible workout regimen to maintain for the long-run, especially not for an everyday civilian like myself. I'm so thankful that Pilates has gone mainstream because now you can take group classes which are way more affordable. 

FitMix has a great, authentic vibe. It's rather bare-boned compared to Equinox, but no less clean and efficient. Be forewarned: This is a challenging workout. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone and you will sweat, but it's totally doable. After the very intense 55 minute-session, you'll walk out feeling lighter, more positive and more motivated to return as soon as possible. I was converted into joining after trying the first class, which is offered at the no-brainer price of $10. If you can get a friend to join with you, as I did, you both get unlimited classes for the first month at $125. I'm already seeing results after seven sessions which is making me think that the regular monthly unlimited price of $219 might be a worthy investment after all.