Men's Shampoo

I take my hair-washing very seriously. If I need to wash my hair, I will forgo plans. There are days where nothing beats a thick lather and that squeaky-clean feeling of clean hair. Living in the city, there's a lot of grit and grime and daily pollution that weighs down my hair, but I think I've found a good solution: men's shampoo. I currently have two in the rotation: (1) VitaMan's Volumising Shampoo, and (2) Redken for Men's Clean Brew, which features--guess what--beer as its secret ingredient. They both do an excellent job for deep cleanses, which I need once or twice a week. Yes, there's a slightly masculine fragrance, but not overly so. It's something that I don't mind it at all. Made for a man; strong enough for a woman, that's what I say!