The Story of Queen Noor's Bellini

"Let me tell you a story. I was at Sant Ambroeus at the time. Do you know Harrison Ford? His ex-wife called me to say that she was coming for dinner with Queen Noor. Queen Noor of... Of Jordan! Yes. Harrison Ford's ex-wife told me to make sure to have the ingredients for bellinis ready because it's the Queen's favorite cocktail. So, I told my bartender to have everything ready. Well! On the day that they came, my bartender said he forgot to buy the peaches! And, you know, for bellinis you need to have the peaches. What was I going to do? I could run to the Korean deli to pick up peaches, but it's better to have the bellinis on a tray ready when they arrive, no? That's what I think. I knew that we had peach sorbet, though, so I scooped a little bit into the glass and added a little bit of prosecco. Then, I kept mixing with a spoon. You have to only put a little at a time because when the prosecco hits the sugars--wow--it starts foaming like crazy. After they sat down, I brought the tray over to their table and said, 'Your Highness, the bartender tonight, knowing that you were coming and knowing that you love bellinis, decided to make a special bellini for you.' She loved it! She ended up ordering three of them throughout the night! Another long-time client of mine waved me over and asked, 'Paolo, what is the Queen drinking?' I couldn't tell her the truth that we had forgotten to buy peaches, so I told her that the bartender had created a special bellini for the Queen. Oh my God, she was so upset! She said, 'How long do I have to keep coming here before I get my own special drink?' This drink is now on our menu here at Via Quadronno. Let me show you. See? Bellini Queen Noor!"

—Paolo Della Puppa, owner of Via Quadronno and Bottega del Vino

To see a Viddy of Paolo showing me how to mix a Bellini Queen Noor, click here.