Nom Wah Tea Parlor


13 Doyers Street nr. Bowery Street

Tucked in the crook of curvy-swervy Doyers Street, untouched by time, is Chinatown's longest surviving dim sum joint: Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Dim sum for dinner? Now there's an idea! The kitchen is manned with experienced chefs who dole out plump shrimp and pork-stuffed sui mai, glistening rice noodle rolls, and juicy shrimp-wrapped fried crab claws. The real treat is chatting with the owner, Wilson Tang, who is always smiling and makes you feel at home. He chooses all of the restaurant's wine selections and recently told me about an Asian pear wine that I'm dying to try. If you're having a tête-à-tête, there's a table for two placed in a semi-secluded window nook by itself that's suited for swapping secrets.