La Gadoue – Jane Birkin

"La Gadoue” is one of my favorites from the album Birkin/Gainsbourg: Le Symphonique, which features orchestral versions of songs from Serge Gainsbourg's early career. Here, they're composed by Nobuyuki Nakajima, performed by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, and sung by the iconic Jane Birkin, who–if you're unaware–was at one time Serge's collaborator and former partner. 

I looked up the English translation to this song's lyrics and discovered that it's about two lovers splashing about in the mud. The arrangement sounds magical! You can just imagine all the fun they're having in their rubber boots with the rain pouring down on them. Jane's girlish voice captures the delightful feeling of this moment beautifully. It’s one of those songs that makes you smile and feel nostalgic for a bygone time.

"Bibo No Aozora" – Ryuichi Sakamoto

Last night, I got into an Uber to meet a friend for dinner at a Thai restaurant called Si Laa –her pick. As the car was making its way to Beverly Hills, the song "Bibo No Aozora" by Ryuichi Sakamoto came on. (It's on the original soundtrack for the film Babel.) The melancholy piano and violin melody tugged at me. It made me think about the major changes that have occurred in my life the past few months–my mom's death, my transition to L.A., and so many of the unforeseen things in between–all unfolding like a bittersweet movie as this song was playing, making this the most emotional Uber ride of my life. Not a tear was shed, but it was certainly welling up inside of me. I asked the driver about his choice of music before I got out of the car. "Oh, I'm a film composer," he replied, before I shut the door. Of course he was, I thought, as I walked down the sidewalk toward the restaurant. The music was still lingering.

The Frequency of Transformation


My friend Amandine shared this link to a YouTube video that plays the Solfeggio frequency of 528Hz, which is a frequency based on an ancient 6-tone scale and believed to repair your DNA and impart energy to it. When I Googled this frequency, I was fascinated to discover that these sounds are intertwined with spirituality, DNA, music, mathematics and quantum physics.  I've been playing it in the background at home. It does have a very calming and uplifting quality.

A Song, a Dance, and a Routine

This song popped up on my boyfriend's iPod this morning as we were weaving in and out of the bathroom, getting ready for brunch. The piano intro drew me in.

"Who is this?" I asked, blending my foundation.

"Tori Amos," he replied, matter-of-factly, as he fixed his hair with his fingers, "I think it's from the Great Expectations soundtrack."

I knew that that was definitely not the case. Not only is Great Expectations one of my favorite films, I know the soundtrack backward and forward.

He casually glanced at his iPod. "Oh. Nope. It's Brooke Waggoner. Young Friend. Never heard of either."

"You must've confused it with Siren," I said, while applying powder to my face.

He edged over in the mirror. "We need his and hers sinks."