9 1/2 Weeks of Timeless Style

No caption necessary.

Yes. This really happened on a Friday night: I bought 9 1/2 Weeks on iTunes and watched it while eating a bowl of instant ramen noodle soup, to which I added chopped scallions and an egg in an attempt to add more nutritional value.

For those of you who don't know, it chronicles the complicated and risqué relationship that unfurls between Elizabeth, a vulnerable SoHo gallerist (played by Kim Basinger), and John, a Wall Streeter who possesses the qualities of an everyday psychopath (played by Mickey Rourke).

Other than the fact that it takes place in New York City, what I love about this film is Kim Basinger's look and wardrobe: Her tousled hair and smudgy eyeliner... The silky ivory blouse, slouchy sweaters, razor-sharp skirt suit... And sexy black dresses... Rent or buy this movie immediately!