Soho House



27 Ninth Avenue between West 13th & West 14th Streets

I've been a member at Soho House since 2008. Membership fees come out to be approximately $127 per month. Every time I contemplate canceling my membership, I think about the fact that it's a place where I can go with my laptop and sit at a velvet-lined booth for hours upon hours and no one will bother me. I think about their rooftop pool and how access to one is such a rarity in Manhattan. I think about how I learn so much from their panel discussions and cooking classes. I think about how comfy those Chesterfield sofas are, especially when in the company of a couple of close friends over cocktails. I think about that fabulous roaring fireplace and the live pianist in the winter. I think about how luxurious it feels to steam and shower at Cowshed Spa on the third floor--and how my hair and body smell gorgeous from using their products. I think about how there are supposedly tens of thousands of people on the wait list. And then, I renew my membership for another year.