The Soft-Boiled Egg

I love having a soft-boiled egg for breakfast. You get to enjoy the egg in its most simple and perfect form, and, because you have to watch the cooking time with utmost sensitivity, it always feels like some kind of a luxury. Here's a little video I made about soft-boiled eggs yesterday morning at Le Pain Quotidien, thanks to the iMovie app on my iPhone! 

Soft-Boiled Egg & Cappuccino

65 Bleecker Street bet. Broadway & Lafayette Street

Believe it or not, it's not that common to find soft-boiled eggs offered on a breakfast menu, but I can always count on Le Pain Quotidien. I figure it's because the cooking time requires a level of sensitivity and precision that some kitchens can't handle. (For example, there's a noticeable difference between a 3-minute egg and a 4-minute egg.) Personal preferences vary: I like mine with the yolk runny–but warmed up–and the whites just set. Though it's served with a small variety of breads, my favorite one to dip in the yolk is still the baguette, dabbed with softened, salted butter. It's good to have a nice sit-down breakfast before work every now and then, just to collect your thoughts and have a "civilised" start to the day.