On TVs (Or the Lack Thereof)

"I'm not getting a state-of-the art TV," said a fellow single girl, "Just something to break the ice."

It seems, as single girls, our social life hinges on one thing: owning a TV. Somehow, inviting someone over to watch a movie via HuluPlus/Netflix/iTunes on your laptop doesn't quite have the same ring to it. That's something you'd do once you have a boyfriend. Although, even then, it's kind of lame. 

And if you do get a TV, where are you supposed to put it?

If you're living with a roommate, you don't want it in the living room. It'll just give your roomie a license to hang out on the sofa and watch your TV. Excuse me. No, you do not own half the rights to watch whatever you want whenever you want. *said while snatching away the remote control* (Do remote controls even exist anymore or have TVs advanced beyond that?)

Then again, if it's in your bedroom, it would have to be across from your bed. In which case, if you invite someone over to watch TV, you may as well say, "Well, how about let's take off our clothes too?"

So, you see where our dilemma lies.

On top of that, as evidenced in my question about remote controls above, I would have no earthly idea what to look for in a TV. What's good? What's cool? What's now? Will I have to take a 4-hour workshop just to learn how to work a TV? Why is there more than one remote control? Would it be weird if a guy came over and I brought out 3-D goggles because my TV was so baller? As far as I'm concerned, the only buttons I ever need to know are: power, volume, the up-and-down channel thing, and mute. 

Looks like I won't be hosting an Oscar-watching party this year. 

Anybody want to come over for a cup of tea?