L.A. By Night: Mocktails and Matzo Ball Soup

I find that, while I enjoy exploring L.A. by day–meeting friends for lunch/coffee, or tagging along with my friend Bill on his various errands and activities, I don't make much of a fuss out of evening activities. Usually, Bill will want to cook dinner together at his place or, if I'm flying solo, I'll grab something like a soup or a salad. It's rare that I have dinner plans outside of that. L.A. isn't really a "let's meet for dinner" town, at least not in my experience. I mean, it could just be the fact that I'm more of a homebody than I realize. There's nothing I delight in more than being in bed by 11 p.m. 

After being together for nearly four years, my boyfriend is still unconvinced that someone my age isn't wearing denim shorts with stiletto heels and pounding tequila shots when she's in town alone. Let's see... I wear sweaters in the summer, can spend hours in a bookstore, and like to hold my coffee mug with both hands and go "Mmm!" after every sip. I swear, I have no idea what he's thinking sometimes.

This past Friday, I met a friend for a drink on the rooftop at Mama Shelter, the trendy boutique hotel in Hollywood. It was a gorgeously sunny afternoon. Tell me, is there anything better than catching up with a friend over drinks, while wearing sunglasses and feeling a cool breeze in your hair? She started with a Negroni and moved on to wine while I, on the other hand, opted for a mocktail called The Dirty Harry, a concoction made of pomegranate, jalapeño, and lime. (Alcohol, I've discovered, simply doesn't sit well with me anymore. I'm not a complete teetotaler, though. There are times where I'll rise to the occasion and have a martini or partake in a glass of wine–it just hasn't been as of late.)

After we parted ways, I decided that all I wanted for dinner was the matzo ball soup at Greenblatt's. (I've previously waxed poetic about my love for matzo ball soup here.) Of course, this isn't the sort of dinner idea that sells itself, hence, it's usually reserved for my #singlegirldinner moments. But the thing is: I really truly love coming to these non-trendy places that have been around since the 1920's. My usual order is a bowl of their famous matzo ball soup–broth only; no vegetables–with a side portion of Caesar salad. If I'm particularly hungry, I'll add a side of pastrami to that. This meal makes me feel cradled and coddled inside. I can't explain it otherwise. 

So, there you have it, folks: mocktails and matzo ball soup. A wild Friday night in L.A., indeed.