A Song, a Dance, and a Routine

This song popped up on my boyfriend's iPod this morning as we were weaving in and out of the bathroom, getting ready for brunch. The piano intro drew me in.

"Who is this?" I asked, blending my foundation.

"Tori Amos," he replied, matter-of-factly, as he fixed his hair with his fingers, "I think it's from the Great Expectations soundtrack."

I knew that that was definitely not the case. Not only is Great Expectations one of my favorite films, I know the soundtrack backward and forward.

He casually glanced at his iPod. "Oh. Nope. It's Brooke Waggoner. Young Friend. Never heard of either."

"You must've confused it with Siren," I said, while applying powder to my face.

He edged over in the mirror. "We need his and hers sinks."

Kelley & Ping


127 Greene Street bet. Houston & Prince Streets

Kelley & Ping serves Pan-Asian fare on a cobblestoned street in SoHo--not in the gritty alleyways of Chinatown, so don't expect 100% authenticity. But there are still plenty of reasons to dine here: the atmosphere is stylish and lofty, the menu features a nice variety of curries, noodle soups, and small bites, and the prices are decent. Just order at the counter and pick a seat.

As a plus, it was featured in one of my favorite scenes in Great Expectations: Finn finds Estella's table and asks her to dance. The two start slow-dancing in the middle of the restaurant, then rush out the door into the rain, and start kissing. By the way, in this scene, Estella (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) is wearing a Donna Karan evening dress while Chinese lacquered roast ducks are hanging on hooks in the open kitchen. I mean, how amazing is that?