It's a Wonderful Life?

My friend Georgina and I were discussing the new Richard Gere film Arbitrage this weekend. If you've ever wondered how the 1% live, watch this movie! The private jet, the beautiful home, the butler, the chauffeur, the dinners at The Four Seasons Restaurant...  

"I just want an easy life, Jess," said Georgina, "I'm willing to work hard for it–I don't want to just marry a rich husband–but I want to have nice things and have a clean home when I come back from work."

t's nice to watch something that allows you to catch glimpses of this lifestyle. It lets you dream a little. 

Flat White

10 Elizabeth Street bet. Prince & Spring Street

My friends Georgina and Bomyee, and I decided to meet for brunch yesterday at Public, an industrial yet elegant Australian/New Zealand-inspired restaurant in Nolita. It was 2:00 p.m., a.k.a. prime time for the brunch crowd, which meant that there was a 45-minute wait. We planted ourselves at the end of the bar and, when the bartender asked what he could get us, Georgina said, "I'll have a flat white." A what? I asked. "It's like a cappuccino," she explained, "without too much foam." Apparently, it's an Aussie thing. Out of curiosity, Bomyee and I each ordered one too. A flat white is less foamy than a cappuccino and less milky than a latte. It's basically made by pouring the wet "microfoam" found in the bottom of a pitcher of steamed milk into a double shot of espresso. The result is smooth, creamy, and velvety. Really nice. I'd order it again.

Salon Ruggeri

This photo was taken at the East 37th Street location.

Updated address (09/26/2016):
254 Fifth Avenue at East 28th Street

Previous address:
115 East 37th Street between Park & Lexington Avenue

Salon Ruggeri is one of those places that you'd only know about if a beauty insider tipped you in. That's how I found this jewel-box hair salon in the first place--from my very good friend Georgina.

This salon is just a chic slice of heaven, fashionably outfitted with gorgeous objets d'art and stylish furniture. When you lean back to get your hair shampooed, your eyes are in a for a real treat: you will have a mesmerizing view of this big, gorgeous vintage chandelier.

The glossy big-name hair salons with their celebrity stylists and private label haircare lines have lost their appeal on me. I crave a personalized and more private experience: here, there are only two styling stations. Call and make an appointment with Cassie Harwood--you won't regret it. She knows what she's doing. (And only share this place with girlfriends who are worthy! Let's keep it special!)