My Boyfriend's Olive Oil Frozen Yogurt

I came to my boyfriend's apartment one night and walked in on him, hunched over his kitchen counter, with the contents of a pint from Häagen-Dazs vanilla frozen yogurt dumped into a large bowl. He was holding a bottle of olive oil in his hand and was about two seconds away from drizzling it on top when my world switched to slow-mo.

"NoooOOoooo!" I called out in horror, "What are you doing???" I couldn't stomach that he was going to douse olive oil all over this perfect bowl of sweet, creamy goodness.

He looked up and calmly said, "Trust me. I've done this before. It'll taste like olive oil gelato."

I let him be. After pouring in a few glugs of olive oil, he churned it altogether by hand.  As he reached for the sea salt grinder. I again screamed out "NoooOooo!", seemingly through a knee-jerk reaction. He agreed that a tiny bit of sea salt should be added only as a garnish to our own servings later on. He then popped the bowl into the freezer and let it gel. 

By the time we were done with dinner, the olive oil frozen yogurt was ready. We curled up on the sofa under our respective blankies, happily eating his creation. "It's so good," I said, delighted with its newly enhanced grassy, savory flavor.

Sometimes you just gotta let men do their thing in the kitchen.

*For one pint, my boyfriend recommends 3 to 4 tablespoons of olive oil. He says you should let it soften a bit before adding the olive oil.

Salted Caramel Goat's Milk Frozen Yogurt with Halvah Crumbles

1 Carmine Street bet. Bleecker & Bedford Streets

I wasn't sure if I'd like Victory Garden's goat's milk fro-yo at first. My first brush with goat's milk wasn't exactly pleasant. When I was a kid, my mom had once mistakenly bought goat's milk instead of regular milk and I remember it ruining my bowl of cereal with its strong taste. But I'm glad I gave it another chance. I love the smooth flavor of salted caramel in any dessert, really, but this soft-serve version still lets the tangy, aromatic character of the goat's milk shine through. The dense halvah crumbles add texture and a lovely nuttiness. It's a bit more expensive than your typical frozen yogurt treat, but well worth it.