Ralph Lauren Sleep Shirts

One of my favorite parts about having a slumber party at Ashley's is borrowing a sleep shirt from her collection of Ralph Lauren ones. I always bring my own sleepwear and yet I always end up wanting to borrow one anyhow. 

They're oversized in just the right way–they hit right above the knee and look as though you've borrowed it from your man. And something about that embroidered logo crest makes you feel regal and important, even though all you're doing is brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed. 

Pajama parties at Ashley's are truly a cause to celebrate pajamas. Our usual routine involves ordering burgers and fries, opening up a bottle of red, and splitting a milkshake for dessert. After a little bit of gossip, we turn in before the clock strikes 11 p.m.

Bresaola with Lettuce Leaves & Cucumber "Fries"

After a succession of great meals, I often find myself "food-ed" out. Roasted veal with chanterelles and garlic chips, which may have sounded like poetry the night before, suddenly becomes a meal I could do without. Not only does it seem like overkill for my stomach, it's a thought that's even too much for my mind to bear. But that doesn't mean that I don't want to eat at all. It's just that, during these phases, I prefer something more pared down. Pared down, down, down, stripped away of everything. 

For me, I could fare well with just a bed of lettuce leaves with a few slices of bresaola draped on top. (Believe it or not, this Italian air-dried salted beef is 98% fat free.) I like to add a few sprigs of dill for a bit of aromatics and tiny pinch of sea salt and pepper—skip the dressing. Not even a drop of olive oil. On the side, I'll have what I lovingly call "cucumber fries," which is made by cutting a couple of miniature cucumbers into long thin strips. Unlike french fries, they're refreshing and clean. On the other hand, like french fries, they're nice and crunchy!