The Secret Life of an Oyster

Last month, I had an appointment for a facial at Skin Worship, a lash extension and skincare clinic in Beverly Hills that I'd found none other than scrolling around on Instagram. It had been years since I had had a facial, but I decided that 2017 was going to be the year I'd dedicate more attention to my personal well-being. When I entered the waiting room, instead of a receptionist, I was greeted with a little book titled The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Guidebook, which sat next to a deck of tarot-inspired cards. Always a sucker for things that promise to reveal my personality type, I picked it up and and followed its instructions: Shuffle the deck. Cut the deck in three. Combine back into one deck. Flip over a card to reveal your Animal Spirit. 

When I flipped over the card, I got the Oyster. ("An oyster's not even an 'animal'," my friend Bill later deadpanned when I told him.)

Patient, Secret-Keeper, Hiding the Inner Treasures

The focus and determination of the Oyster is unmatched. Anything an Oyster personality puts their mind to, they achieve with grace and charm. The only problem is, Oyster types often take their inner gifts for granted. They become shy or doubtful, and this can lead to withdrawing or protecting their deepest desires and life’s work. When the Oyster card appears, it’s important to reveal your inner treasures. What is it that you’ve been hesitant to share? The world is waiting to see.

When In Balance: feels blessed, generous, masterful
When Out of Balance: reluctant, gripping, “clams up”
To Bring Into Balance: share something

Out of curiosity, I shuffled the deck and tried again. Again, the Oyster card appeared. For the hell of it, I tried yet again. Oyster. 

I never thought about oysters outside of the context of a plateau de fruits de mer, but there are many valuable lessons to be learnt from such a small creature. It may be soft and delicate but has a strong shell to protect itself. It lives in a turbulent environment of ocean currents yet is peaceful and adaptable. And perhaps the most interesting thing about the oyster is its ability to take the sand and grit and irritants in its life and transform it into a pearl. There's something quite magical about that.