"Jazz" by Essie

Sunday mani-pedis are a thing to look forward to at the end of the week. While there are the classic stand-bys, I like to peruse the nail polish display for something new. This past weekend, I discovered a sophisticated creamy taupe called "Jazz" by Essie. It's über chic and modern. I can totally see this in a Prada ad. It goes with everything. I think it looks best with the nails on the slightly longer side and squared off a bit. What do you think?

A Colorful Suprise

I love Essie. When I go for my mani pedi every couple of weeks, I can't fathom using any other nail polish. In fact, when I flip through magazines, I'm always in awe over how many other nailcare brands are in existence. So imagine how delighted I was when I came home and received this bag of goodies–and the handwritten message in that card!

Dear Single Girl Dinner,

I really, really LOVE the blog....

We all know that DIY mani pedis are integral to the SGD lifestyle. Do you think Essie herself will ever consider naming one of her colors "Single Girl Dinner" ?

A girl can dream.

Il Villaggio Nail Spa


Shown above is Essie's Tomboy No More

502 Laguardia Place bet. West Houston & Bleecker Street

Getting a mani-pedi is one of those great pleasures as a woman in New York City, where fabulous spas are plentiful. But, a lot of the times, you're just looking for that solid neighborhood nail place without all of the luxurious frills, yet not quite a cheap n' fast nail bodega either. I'm lucky to have found Il Villaggio Nail Spa, which is just around the corner from me. Not only are they have super clean facilities and friendly service, they offer complimentary beverages and chocolates. When they tell you to "pick a color," there are 400 Essie and OPI colors to choose from. (I don't do Shellac, but a woman who sat next to me mentioned that she comes here because they have such a diverse range of Shellac colors.)