The Sisterhood of the Clothes-That-No-Longer-Fit

Spring is here, which means it's time to purge the wardrobe... Yet again. In my case, it's not so much about purging outdated trends as much as making a pile of clothing I no longer fit. I measured my waistline earlier this week and it measured a horrifying 27 inches around. Miraculously, I can still squeeze into some of my size 26 jeans. It makes me wonder how on earth I could've ever once fit into a size 24. 

But I digress...

I've decided that, instead of selling the nice things on eBay or The RealReal, I'd rather send them to family or friends. I take very careful consideration in matching these items, mind you: an Hermès bangle for Ashley, a leather motorcycle jacket for my sister, high-waisted flared jeans for Amandine, a lacy La Perla number for Ana...In other words, I'm not sending everyone a box of junk. These items are also accompanied by a little typewritten note and, if I have tissue paper, I'll wrap it all up lovingly before sending.

I asked Amandine if she's worn those jeans yet. No, she replied, they were quite nice but not very flattering for her bum. Oh, I say. But she assures me that she does wear the Reformation bodysuit I sent her! I was glad to hear–I knew she'd like that piece. "I like wearing something from you," she told me, "It's like that little treasure or secret."