Living In the Moment

Grilled shrimp Caesar salad for lunch in my hotel suite at Casa Velas, with the Twitter feed going nearby and CNN on the TV

This afternoon, when the hotel manager saw me perched on a sofa in the lobby, glued to the news and my Twitter feed for the second day in a row, he said to me, with a twinge of concern, "Señorita, you should go enjoy the pool or the beach while you're here." And, so, I present to you my 1% problem: On the one hand, I'm "stranded" at a beautiful Mexican resort. On the other, I'm hooked on CNN and Twitter for the hurricane updates back in New York. I feel like I'm being suspended in a netherworld--at least until Sunday.

At his suggestion, I headed down to the pool, fluffed out a fresh towel on a Bali bed, and set my things down. Una piña colada, por favor.  Birds were chirping. The pool water was as warm as a bath. I swam on my back and looked up at the sunlight slicing through the palm fronds. Sigh. I was relaxing. When I got back to my suite, I took a long hot shower and ordered room service for dinner.

Okay. I'm here now.