On Being A Paper Bag Princess

A page from Vogue Hommes Internationa

The life of a paper bag princess is a dichotomy, but it's one that's purely circumstantial. It's a momentary fall from grace; a bump in the road. It's that scary what's-gonna-happen-to-me state when you're in-between jobs or when you've just broken up a long-term relationship. Whatever it is, it causes you to do a major financial readjust to the system.

For example, to the outside world, you might be carrying a Chanel handbag (that was purchased at 90% off at a sample sale eight years ago) around town, but, little do they know, because of your strict budget, you make your own lunch at home. Or, you're treated to a fabulous lunch at The Plaza by a friend but, instead of supping at Cipriani's for dinner, you find yourself heating up a can of soup. It's a yin-yang way of life that you've somehow come to accept. At least for a while until you can figure things out.

Try this one for size: I was recently invited to go on an all expenses paid press trip to Gran Velas Riviera Nayarit, an all-inclusive 5-star resort in Puerto Vallarta next week. But, guess what? I haven't secured a job yet! Imagine getting emails asking you to pick your preference of luxurious spa treatments and off-site adventures while you're simultaneously scouring the Internet for jobs. Oh, the irony.

You can't be a paper bag princess forever, though. This is impossible if you're smart and willing, and full of hopeful, positive energy. The coin will turn. The coin has to turn.