For the Love of Shoes

Photo taken at Creatures of Comfort on Mulberry Street

Oops, I did it again.

I fell in love with a pair of shoes. Acne's ankle-wrapped, block-heeled "Terra" pumps, to be exact.

They're the kind of shoes that look sort of odd and hideous on display, but, when I tried them on, I just knew. It was like Cinderella's foot sliding perfectly into that glass slipper. What's special to me about these shoes is that they're sexy, but not in that typical Louboutin way. There's a certain allure in the confidence and boldness of the design. I was seduced.

I knew that I wanted them. It wasn't a question of if I would buy them. It was a matter of when, and, really, if we're to get down to it, how.

The obstacle for the "how" was my budget. I had been checking things off of my fall shopping list left and right and didn't expect to come across these beauties. They weren't on the list, so, I added them as "day-to-night heels."

On the same day that I made the purchase, I bought a 5-pack f instant ramen noodles, which I figured would cover dinner Monday through Friday. I also swore that I would make cut-backs on everything else in order to balance out this expense.

Strangely, this was a reminder that life is just moving pieces: If you want this, cut back on that... And so forth. When you really want to make something happen, there's always a way. Not entirely sure this was the most responsible way to go about it, but the answer is always there–you just have to figure it out.