Pies n' Thighs



166 S 4th Street near Driggs Avenue

One lazy Saturday morning, I sauntered out into the kitchen and caught my roommate seconds before he was about to leave the apartment. "Where are you off to?" I asked, sleepily. "Brooklyn. I'm getting fried chicken at Pies N' Thighs." he replied, "Wanna come?" I've never gotten dressed so fast in my life.

We waited 45 minutes in the freezing cold for a table at Pies N' Thighs. I seriously thought I would get frostbite. I was two shivers away from throwing in the towel and getting Popeyes instead–I actually ended up catching a cold that day, but guess what? No regrets!

If you're going to wait that long, order the Fried Chicken Box, which comes with three pieces of fried chicken, with one side and a biscuit. Your hunger will thank you. Gorgeously crunchy and juicy! (Being a Texan at heart, I chose the cheese grits which brought me down home to the South!) If you're eating with friends, split a side of the sausage gravy. Why does a side of gravy cost $6, you may wonder? Trust me, it's worth it. Dip everything into it. Save the other half of your biscuit, though. You'll want to swirl some honey on top of it and finish off your meal with a sweet bite.

Prosecco and Jamaican Curry Chicken Patties

Here's a prime example of a Paper Bag Princess moment: 

1. My friend Carolyn invited me to join her at the opening of Antica Pesa in Brooklyn, a new restaurant arrival from Rome, where its known for attracting jet-setters and local glitterati. As expected, the prosecco was flowing, but, due to the size of the crowd, the hors d'oeurvres? Not so much. We did manage to nab a few refined bites of Italian cuisine, but left still a bit hungry.

2. I came back to the city and met Ashley at Miss Lily's Bake Shop, where I had a Jamaican curry chicken patty ($4) and split an order of plantains ($3). She even treated me to a little something afterwards. #singlegirldinner

Crosby Street Vineyards

Hi! Hi there! Can I refill your glass with this gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon from Crosby Street Vineyards, the first vineyard in Manhattan? We're located on the small, cobblestoned street tucked right between Broadway and Lafayette in SoHo. This is our 2010 vintage, which was a great year for us. The grapes were harvested directly from Dean & Deluca. What do you think? I know! Isn't it just beautiful? This takes the meaning of locavore to a whole new level. We're now working on a rooftop vineyard. I just thought, you know, why not? ...

Okay, so this wine is not made in Manhattan and I do not own a vineyard in SoHo. I bought this wine from Astor Wines & Spirits and brought it to a gathering at someone's apartment in Brooklyn. My spiel made for a very good ice-breaker, though. I think it was convincing up until I mentioned that the grapes were harvested from Dean & Deluca. For something that is under $10 a bottle, the wine itself is actually pretty nice for everyday drinking.