Couples Therapy

My favorite couple to hang out with in New York were my friends Marco and Purvi. They lived nearby on Bowery Street and were the quintessential grown-up city couple– starting, of course, with their two bedroom apartment. They're also the proud owners of two sweet Australian shepherd dogs and parents to an adorable baby boy. On top of covering the basic categories of being a responsible adult, they were cool.

We'd get together for dinner at their place every so often. I'd bring over gluten-free cookies from Blackbird Bakery, a bottle of vino, and a slew of tales from the singlehood. As a singleton, you were kind of expected to sing for your supper a little. Not that I ever had anything particularly scandalous to report. Even little tidbits from run-of-the-mill dates sufficed.

Marco was an amazing cook. I always told Purvi how lucky she was to have a man who cooked for her. He nailed everything he made from baby back ribs with crispy kale to a perfectly roasted chicken with garlic and rosemary potato wedges. They had a dining table, but never used it. Instead, we meandered over to the sofa and strategically arranged a couple of nesting tables for our plates and glasses as we chatted and ate the night away. 

You could see their different personalities shine through, but always in a complementary way: Marco was more of a purist while Purvi was a free-spirit. They had this playfulness about them and both called each other "babe". Oh, and they're not married. I once asked them why not and they told me that it wasn't that important to them. Still, they introduce each other as "husband" and "wife" because it's just easier that way. And, to be honest, they were more married than most married people I know.

We'd play with the baby, she'd put on a fashion show of new purchases, he'd give me dating advice from a male's perspective. I really enjoyed spending time around them. That's as simply as I can put it. I was in a cradle of love. It all seemed so real and attainable. And how often does one feel that, living alone in the city?