Not Your Average Girl

I don't have "mermaid waves" in my hair. I don't wear chambray shirts with fuschia lipstick and chunky, colorful costume jewelry. I don't have a wall in my home with a picture frame collage. I don't have any DIY talents under my belt. I don't have any ambition to rule the world or become CEO of a company or sit on a board or start my own non-profit organization–nor do I keep quotes about "success" as a motivational tool. I think Valentine's Day is a farce. I don't have any pictures of myself jumping in the air, or wearing a bikini in a line-up with ten other girls in bikinis, for that matter. I've never caught Bieber Fever and I don't know the lyrics to any of Taylor Swift's songs. I haven't quite mastered baking desserts, although I'd like to. I believe in female empowerment, but not necessarily in that Sheryl Sandberg-Lean In-Ban-Bossy kind of way. More than that, I believe in being yourself. 

The internet, it seems, is producing a wave of homogenized millenial females and I feel like a square peg. Who's with me on this? 

The Woman Destroyed

his is the longest I've gone being single. Like, actively single. No pressure thinking about what relationship may come. Just doing my thang... 

Free and happy. And maybe sometimes a little bit lonely.

I'm starting to wonder if it's a choice on my part or circumstances. Lately, I've been consumed with work. Could possibly be because work serves as the natural distraction. I don't know, but I don't mind. I'm OK.

Distractions can only last for so long. There has to be a goal or some end to this, right?

The woman is not thinking wedding bells. The woman is not thinking marriage and children. The woman s not thinking a picket white fence. The woman is not thinking about being the perfect woman. he woman is destroyed. 

And she's putting herself back together.