Salami & Radish Baguette

Salami and radish sandwich.JPG

I like to pretend that I'm living on a quaint farm in the French countryside while I'm eating this simple and rustic sandwich. It's a welcome bite after a long morning of feeding the chickens, gathering their warm eggs, and milking the cow. Then, it's off to the boulangerie for bread. Or so I like to imagine. Amy's Bread sells mini baguettes for a mere fifty cents each. They're so adorable that I can't help but buy two or three at a time. Naturally, a softened salted butter should be lovingly slathered on one side of the bread, along with a thin schmear of Dijon mustard. (If you've never tried the butter and mustard combination, here's your chance.) Spread a wedge of Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese on the other side for a touch of creaminess. Fill your sandwich with delicately folded salami and a layer of thinly sliced radish chips. Finish off the sandwich with lots of freshly snipped chives. Now, you can ring that cowbell because lunch is ready!