How to Butter Your Toast

When the clock strikes 3:00 p.m., that means it's time for afternoon tea. It's not something we plan–it just happened that way and evolved into a ritual. The tea concoction is made from dried lemon balm leaves, fresh ginger, and tons of mint leaves from the garden. We let it steep in a tall green Stanley thermos by the coffee machine, which keeps the tea hot for hours. 

It's nice to have a little something with your tea, like a cookie. I've been into raisin toast lately because it's sweet but not sugary. And, of course, it's extra nice smeared with softened salty butter. If I remember, I take the butter out in the morning so that it softens by "tea time". If I don't, then I scrape thin curls off the butter with the edge of my knife and flick them onto the hot slices of toast, straight outta the toaster. Melts just fine.