On Potatoes

Awww... Look at how cute these little pee-wee potatoes are! Don't worry, they won't bite!

Somewhere between the Atkins Diet (circa 2002) and the Dukan Diet (circa 2011)—both of which shun the humble potato–I've developed a irrational fear of these starchy tubers. After delving into how the body metabolizes glucose, I had these fantastical images of my body ballooning out if I ate potatoes, each bite being punctuated with that cartoony boing! sound as my girth widened.

Boing! There goes my chin.

Boing! There goes my stomach.

Boing-boing! Right hip. Left hip.

Could something produced by Mother Nature herself be so bad for you? Only if it's deep fried or covered in sour cream, butter, and cheese. Or if eaten in gross amounts. On its own, however, the potato is actually low in calories and keeps you feeling satiated longer than other carbs. 

I haven't had a baked potato in a very, very long time. Like a real Idaho potato. I've had baked sweet potatoes, which are fine and good, but sometimes you just want a real potato. Thinking about making one this weekend.

Maybe instead of sour cream, I'll use Greek yogurt.