Tribute to the Original SGD Muse

My mom posted this photo of her #singlegirldinner on her Facebook page in June of this year.

My mom loved sharing photos and videos of the things she cooked and ate–usually with friends–but the ones that resonated with me were her #singlegirldinners. Despite all of the differences I felt that we may have had, when I look at this photo, I know that I'm my mother's daughter. She is, after all, my original SGD muse. She was a woman who most certainly lived life on her own terms and was happiest when she had the freedom to come and go as she pleased.

This past August, I lost my mom–along with two aunts and two uncles–to a tragic car accident. A little more than a month has gone by and I still don't know what to make of it. I can only seem to process it when I'm alone in bed at night, where I can privately burst into tears or talk to her through my thoughts or simply think about her. I'd never experienced grief before but, yes, it's true: Grieving truly is a personal thing. It's a fact of life for a reason, but the way you experience grief is one of those things that only you can know–like knowing when you're hungry... Or when something random triggers a long-forgotten memory.