BLT Sandwiches

8350 West 3rd Street bet. La Cienega and Fairfax Avenues

Slapping lettuce, tomato and bacon between two slices of white bread with a swipe of mayo doesn't sound like much of a sandwich but boy, oh, boy do I love a good BLT. It reminds me so much of my childhood when my mom used to make BLTs (or two-tiered club sandwiches, when she felt particularly ambitious) for my school field trips. She'd even cut them into little triangles and use festive cellophane-wrapped toothpicks to hold their structural integrity in place. 

I like to keep it pure and simple with a single layer of each ingredient–no crazy whole-grain breads, turkey bacon, flavored mayonnaise/aïoli or exotic greens! BLTs, in my opinion, must be made with plain white bread, real bacon, Hellman's mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce–and only iceberg lettuce (for its crisp, neutral freshness)–and a very ripe beefsteak or heirloom tomato. If I'm feeling wild, I might concede to the addition of avocado slices but, honestly, you really can't improve on such a classic. 

I went to a FitMix Endurance Pilates class at noon and was ready for lunch an hour later when it was over. I should've ordered a salad but couldn't help but be tempted by the BLT at Joan's On Third. Their BLT is an exemplary one, with its strips of thin crispy bacon, juicy tomato and perfectly toasted pain de mie. Truly scrumptious. I also ordered a cup of the celery soup on the side because, well, who can resist a little teacup of soup?

*If you're avoiding carbs as I sometimes do, you can request the B.T.A. (bacon, tomato, avocado) at Croft Alley as a Bibb lettuce wrap. It's light and delicious.