Chicharrón and Pickled Okra

2014-01-03 17.48.39.jpg

I'll have to admit that I have strange cravings. Sometimes I'm in the mood for something funky and off-beat to nibble on–something other than cheese and crackers... Something like chicharrón (Mexican fried pork rind) and pickled okra! It's Texas on a plate for me, those two flavors. Don't confuse chicharrón with the processed, puffed up pork rinds that you find sold in convenience stores. The Mexican version is more substantial and has a hearty crunch to it. We found a Mexican butcher shop in a nearby town that makes it fresh daily. I can't help but fill up a brown paper bag with the choicest pieces from the glass case every time we go. When we get home, I shake them into a large glass jar and keep it in the pantry, just in case I need a snack with my Corona. When I need a spicy kick, I'll add a few dashes of Cholula on top. Pickled okra's zippy tang is the perfect antidote to this fried snack!