The Cry Towel

Every single girl should own a cry towel, which is really nothing more than a crappy hand towel that's used exclusively used for sobbing into (or, alternatively–but still in the same vein–removing eye makeup). For sappy movies, tissues will do the job, but cry towels? Cry towels are reserved for serious sobbing sessions because they prevent you from ruining your 600 thread count pillowcases, as seen in Exhibit A above. 

"I'm sick of working so hard and crying so much," sniffled a girlfriend of mine, with mascara-laden tears streaming down her cheeks, as she sat on my bed, telling me about her terrible, horrible, no-good, rotten day. 

"Wait, I have to get something."

I got out from under my covers and fished out my spare cry towel from a stack of linens in the closet. "Here," I said, handing it to her, "I don't even care if you blow snot onto it."

She dabbed at her face and the session continued.