The World's Worst Dater

What makes me the world's worst dater?

As of this year, I've noticed that:

1. I can be completely anti-social. Every so often I'll implement a "no new people" rule.
2. I can be totally irritable. Thanks, Work!... Which leads me to the next point...
3. I work so much that being at home in bed sounds way more appealing than making small talk with a stranger. There are days where I daydream about having cereal for dinner while watching Sex and the City reruns.
4. I know nothing about relationships anymore. 
5. Dating sounds exhausting. 

"You're jaded," said a friend of mine.

Her diagnosis couldn't be more spot-on. I used to get butterflies in my stomach and be sparkly and lovely and light. A real joy to be around, if I do say so myself. Now I'm just a cynical spinster! Great.