The Red Lipstick Mystique

I'm wearing Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro in #400.

The majority of the lipsticks I own are in the nude family. The only other colored lipsticks I own are red—and there are just a few. My lips are hidden under a layer of beige on a regular basis while my crimson-lacquered lips seldom see the light of day. Most of the time, I'll decide that it's too much and wipe it off with tissue paper: first wet; then dry. After adding a touch of soap to my lips, I'll rinse yet again. Despite this three-step process, it always leaves a stain behind.

Red lipstick is very powerful.

I like reserving it, though not exclusively for what would normally be considered as a "special occasion," such as fancy event or nice dinner. My red lips could make an appearance at the end of a work day when there's just an hour left, or, at home, with nobody around. It has a boosting effect. It amplifies whatever superpowers I feel naturally exist inside of me. I am woman hear me roar. That kind of thing, if you know what I mean. As rare as I wear it, I always carry a tube of red lipstick with me. One never knows when the occasion will present itself!