Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant

Donna Karan launched her fragrance Cashmere Mist in 1994, yet I can recall its early ad campaign like it was yesterday: A cinematic black and white image shows a woman (model Annie Morton) sitting on a rock in a contemplative pose with her back turned to us. Her blonde hair is in a messy knot and she's swathed in a luxurious black cashmere robe, looking out into a foggy abyss. Utterly understated and sophisticated, that's what it was. 

Now, who wouldn't want that in a deodorant? 

The deodorant version of Donna's iconic fragrance has developed a cult following in its own right. It smells just as luxurious as the perfume—warm and sensual—and goes on creamy smooth. And it actually does its job as an anti-perspirant. I even use it for the gym.

But the cherry on top is this: At a mere $10 a pop, your medicine cabinet will look like a million bucks.!