Bresaola with Lettuce Leaves & Cucumber "Fries"

After a succession of great meals, I often find myself "food-ed" out. Roasted veal with chanterelles and garlic chips, which may have sounded like poetry the night before, suddenly becomes a meal I could do without. Not only does it seem like overkill for my stomach, it's a thought that's even too much for my mind to bear. But that doesn't mean that I don't want to eat at all. It's just that, during these phases, I prefer something more pared down. Pared down, down, down, stripped away of everything. 

For me, I could fare well with just a bed of lettuce leaves with a few slices of bresaola draped on top. (Believe it or not, this Italian air-dried salted beef is 98% fat free.) I like to add a few sprigs of dill for a bit of aromatics and tiny pinch of sea salt and pepper—skip the dressing. Not even a drop of olive oil. On the side, I'll have what I lovingly call "cucumber fries," which is made by cutting a couple of miniature cucumbers into long thin strips. Unlike french fries, they're refreshing and clean. On the other hand, like french fries, they're nice and crunchy!