23 Howard Street bet. Crosby & Lafayette Streets

Sure, I went through vintage clothing phase. I would scour consignment shops in the East Village for vintage Jean-Paul Gaultier and scroll through eBay listings for 1950's cocktail dresses. These were my treasures and I had the comfort of knowing that no one else owned one of the same. The problem with this was that my closet was filled with one-hit wonders with no dialogue, theme, rhyme, or reason to it. It became more of a storage space for vintage clothes than a functioning wardrobe. 

So I stopped buying vintage and started buying key foundation pieces: the classic blue jean, the skinny black jean, the workhorse black blazer, the white shirtdress, the black ankle boot... And so on and so forth. You know, things that one would actually wear on a day-to-day basis???

Well, I recently discovered a fabulous boutique in SoHo called Reformation that gives you the best of both worlds. This environmentally sustainable fashion label repurposes vintage pieces and uses surplus materials to create relevant, well-designed, covetable clothing for the modern girl. I am obsessed, I tell you! Obsessed!

Here, you'll find the softest tees, perfectly cropped sweatshirts, and impeccably cut leggings. This is not some garage sale hodge-podge. We're talking on par with Alexander Wang, the creator of Model Off-Duty fashion. Have I also mentioned that they make killer jumpsuits? There's a jumpsuit for every occasion, from the uptown cocktail party to the Brooklyn rooftop BBQ.

As if you couldn't get addicted to the store enough, there's also a.... Drumroll please... Bosco machine! (It's a photo booth that makes your snapshots into shareable GIFs). Trust me, you'll want to try on everything and create your own look book. The best part about coming here, though, in my opinion, is that you'll get to meet coolest and most lovable sales staff in the history of the world. 

I just had to share... And, in a small way, I kinda wish I hadn't!