On Home Décor

I had been eyeing a Lucite console from CB2 ever since I moved into my apartment two years ago. I knew that it would fit perfectly in that slice of space between my bed and the wall, but I couldn't seem to get myself to buy it. The price tag? $379. A bit pricey, yes, but not terribly so. I mean, I could spend that on a pair of shoes with no hesitation at all. Why did it take me so long to bite the bullet? 

I live in a rental apartment with the dream that I will one day own my own place, that's why. Furniture always felt like too much of a commitment for what seemed like a "temporary" living situation. Well, guess what. It's been over two years and going strong. I don't think I'll be buying an apartment anytime soon. It's probably not a bad idea to start investing in some key pieces to make my home a nicer place to be.

So, I woke up on Saturday morning with conviction. I flipped open my laptop, Googled the number to the CB2 store in SoHo and ordered the console right over the phone. It arrived by 1 p.m. And just like that, my world changed! Suddenly, I had all of this newfound real estate at my bedside for books, magazines, my laptop, and even a small meal setup. It was so roomy that I didn't have to fear knocking over my wine glass.

A console as a bedside table... Who would've thunk it. Lesson is: If you're still thinking about buying something for some time, just freaking buy it. Wish I had done it sooner. Look, it's not like my room is going to be featured in Elle Décor for this clever little design move, but it works for my purposes. One day, when I own my own apartment, maybe I will use it as an actual console in the foyer.

*I've included other home décor tidbits from this past Saturday below for your voyeuristic pleasure.