The Age of the Gentleman

Why is it that, in this day and age, when a guy calls... To make plans... To take you out for dinner, it catches you completely off-guard? Oh, right. Because chivalry is dead. Dead, dead, dead as a doornail. 

We live in an age where guys text things like "You out?" and then play everything by ear based on what their options are. A dinner date? Riiight. Our greatest hope is going out for drinks without splitting the tab.

I'm convinced that a guy doesn't become a gentleman until he has had at least three relationships under his belt. After all, great boyfriends are not born—they're made and molded by girlfriends. Only then does he understand things like the importance of hailing a cab on a cold, wintry night, so that his date doesn't have to flitter alongside him in her heels.