Monte Cristo Æbleskiver

photo (29).JPG

Æbleskiver (pronounced ebb-BLUH-skewer) are a Danish-style pancake that's shaped like a donut hole. They've become a breakfast favorite here at the ranch. We just use regular pancake batter and pour it into a cast iron æbleskiver pan, which has seven hemispherical pockets. Butter it well! You pour the batter in halfway, add whatever filling you like, then, when it starts to bubble, you use a skewer to turn them (traditionally, one would use a knitting needle). Lately, we've been doing a riff on the Monte Cristo sandwich: bits of chopped ham, a blob of Brie, and a dab of strawberry jam. These golden puffs are then dusted with powdered sugar. For something so quick and easy, they sure do make a morning feel special!