On Failure

I forgot where I found this quote.

There are people out there who are waiting to see me fail. They can't wait until something goes wrong so that they can laugh their asses off and say, "We knew it all along!" The thing is that I am no stranger to failure and, at one point or another, I will fail at something. So there. You fail because you try. And what's so wrong with trying? I've failed so many times at so many things and I'm absolutely petrified of it. But this is life and everyone has their own journey. You just have to keep going.

What is invigorating about failure is how we forever return to it. Failure is a relief, an answer, the last page, until what ever it is you have forsaken starts in again, calling you out, asking you to attempt, to tempt, to once again flounder upon the sea.
— Unknown