A Declaration of Independence

One of my favorite ad campaigns in the history of the world

"There's one thing you must know about her," my friend Edward said, peering at my gentleman suitor, with a cigarette in hand, "She is very independent. But not in the 'don't-buy-me-a-handbag-because-I-can-buy-it-myself' way. She's independent in her mind. It's her mind.

Perhaps Edward may have had one too many Old Fashioned cocktails as we sat there in his living room, but it was one of the more profound things that was said that night. It made me think about what he meant.

Being independent. Hm. While I wouldn't exactly say the current state of my life is "ideal" for a thirty-something year old woman, I will affirm that it was through my own choices that I've been led here. (Carrie Bradshaw sums up her current 30-something state of being best when she said: "Aidan, I just charged tomatoes. I really don't think I'm in the position to buy an apartment.") As I get older, I find that I'm becoming more independent from what people think of me. When you have a strong sense of self, you know what's real to consider and what's not. So, yes, I agree with Edward: I am very independent.  

I am not, however, above accepting a handbag as a gift.